#Kailash Springs Jal Plant

We Offer Natural Spring Water from Kailash Mountain, packaged and delivered near you.

The ancestor of all mountains, source of Ganges River, home to Lord Shiva and crowned as “king of holy mountains” stands the great Mount Kailash. This sacred mountain is located in Tibet, and holds a special place in Hindu culture. This time tested natural creation of God stretches to a mind-numbing altitude of 6656 meters above the sea level. Every year, Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarover sees a number of pilgrims from India who walk around the holy mountain which is believed to bring luck and fortune to all the deities.

It’s from this blessed mountain and zero-pollution environment Kailash Springs Natural Mineral Water is sourced. Being at so high altitude, the water can only be sourced for less than 6 months during the year as rest of the year the mountain remains in frozen state. This unique condition makes this holy water rare and pure. It’s also the years of slow filtration process that makes Kailash Springs Natural Mineral Water clean, clear and naturally sweet.   

Kailash Springs Natural Mineral Water is sourced exclusively from untouched parts of Kailash Mountain which makes it rich in Si, Zn, Na, K, Ca, Mg, metasilicic acid and other alkaline mineral, and its unique proportion of such minerals makes it a much needed drink vital for human body to stay healthy and fit. It’s not only ideal for drinking but is also is recommended for medical treatment owing to its spiritual origin.


During the whole process we make sure that the local natural environment is not sabotaged thus while sourcing no wells are dug and neither any kind of pumping of water takes place. The fresh water that comes out on its own from the mountain makes it to the high quality bottles. The distinctive designing of its bottle and ‘rudraksha’ like cap packaging signifies the purest idea behind presenting this natural water from its natural state. 


Kailash Springs Natural Mineral Water ensures that 100% health and spiritual benefits of this high quality product is passed as it is derived from nature to people who value an exclusive product. As an honorary national gift, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendera Modi among other government diplomats, e-commerce leaders and many religious Gurus have been presented Kailash Springs Natural Mineral Water and they have cherished this quality product as it is auspicious and because of its origin its best represents as a perfect symbol of Lord Shiva's blessing to mankind.